Manduka Recycled Foam unBLOK: My Yoga Practice Game Changer

Manduka Unblok 1

My yoga practice just got a new toy to hangout and play with. When I practice yoga at Tranquil Space I always like to use props. Many times people think using props are for wimps. Au contraire! Props work as an extension to your hands and feet. I didn’t have props for my home practice. […]

Destination Pretty: The Ranch at Live Oak Fitness Camp

Ranch Malibu Photo 4

I have read about The Ranch at Live Oak for a few years. It’s a hard core, kick your butt, and sweat so hard fitness regime you go to bed thinking you are Rocky or what the hell did I get myself into. Of course after going to Rancho La Puerta a few years ago […]

Om Pretty: The Biker Barre Trifecta – Week 3

Biker Barre Trifecta

It has been said that it takes three weeks to make a habit. Well, I can say if you take any of these three teachers at Biker Barre that habit will happen sooner rather than later. The ladies are my initial Biker Barre Trifecta (Katie, Gabriella, and Ingrid). Gabriella is also a yoga teacher, so […]

Om Pretty: Biker Barre Continues – Week 2

Back to the mat

Sorry for the delay on writing about my second week at Biker Barre. I will say that it has gotten a tad bit easier. It seems like my body is getting used to needing exercise early in the morning again. It is always hard coming back to exercise, especially morning exercise. Years ago I used […]

Om Pretty: Biker Barre Workout – Week 1

Biker Barre

My good friend and stylist Monica suggested we do something drastic. She suggested we work on getting in shape, working our butt off, and kick start a fitness routine. We knew we needed cardio, a drastic change in diet, and motivation. As much as I love my yoga practice I needed something more. I needed […]

Om Pretty: Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics


I’m a supplement junkie. Put me in supplement rehab because I am forever trying new supplements. I do believe you should get your nutrients from food, but a little help goes along way. I started taking probiotics before my trip to Egypt two years ago. I knew they were good for me, but I take […]

Bonjour Yoga + Art Journal Retreat in Paris & Provence

Travel Essentials

The retreat I’m leaving for today has been awhile in the making. What started as a discussion on art journaling and yoga with Kimberly is now a 10 day retreat in the City of Lights and Provence. I have been itching to go back “home” as I like to call France. Last week I tore […]

Om Pretty: The Beauty of Yoga Teacher Training

Final Teaching Outfit

By the time you read this I will have finished my final teaching for my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. It has been a long 3 months getting here. After my first class in 2006 I was hooked. I remember everything was yoga. I was going through crazy transitions in my life – death, […]

Destination Pretty: Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festival


Finally. These are the words that I uttered when I decided it was time I high tail it to a Wanderlust Festival this year. After going back and forth between locations (California, Colorado, & Vermont) I decided it was time to get my pretty girl rocky mountain high on. I will be attending and covering […]

Om Pretty: Yoga For Women by Karin Björkegren

Yoga for Women

I received Yoga For Women by Karin Björkegren last year, but I think it’s a perfect opportunity to review the book for a new year. At this time of year the gym is more crowded, diets are being forged, and yoga classes are on resolution lists. I’m going into my sixth year as a yogi and […]