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Catalonia Wines and Cava

Catalan. The name alone makes me giddy. Spain was the first trip I ever took with my husband after knowing each other six weeks. Crazy, I know. We’ve been together ever since, so the land of tapas, Sherry, and wine reminds me of that trip. If you’ve been to Spain or plan on visiting it is imperative you taste the wines of Catalan. Catalan wines herald back to the Roman empire, but their wines may not have ever graced your palette. I’m here to give you a few reasons why you should add them to your wine rack or try them the next time you are in a restaurant.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Catalan wine tasting here in DC. My belief of beauty as a lifestyle extends to wine. Lots of wine. As a budding wine junkie (oenophile) and sommelier in my head, I have had the pleasure of sipping some amazing wines. But, I didn’t always know their origins. Sure, I knew they were from this or that country, but not much else. The nerdy side of me wanted to go deeper and after four hours of seeing, sipping swirling, and savoring I have a little more knowledge to bring to you, my lovely readers.

Let’s discuss the beauty side of a wine tasting; I have to wear perfume that doesn’t leave an impression. I know. Devastating. It’s hard to really appreciate and smell wine if I’m wearing one of my heavy and impressionable oud scents. As much as I love a deep, stop you in your tracks, what scent is that fragrance, it doesn’t work when tasting, and I hate it. Plus, it hinders the people around you from really tasting the wine. Beauty science 101. I had to opt for a “wine friendly” perfume. I settled on Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess from a few years back and only one spritz. One. What in the world am I getting myself into? I digress.

{Cava is Spain’s version of sparkling wine.}



{A sweet wine made in the Sherry style, but not Sherry.}


IMG_4784 IMG_4774 IMG_4773

{Wine writers who are also friends.}


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