Wellness Wednesday: Recap ~ [Silent] Soul & Spirits Yoga


As an avid yoga practitioner, I’m excited to see how yoga is going from the studio to the streets. Literally. I like to see the different aspects of yoga being used to unite people and make it fun. I know as a yoga teacher, it can seem daunting to people at times because yoga people seem so uptight. But, I love having different yoga experiences because it brings more people and more diversity to the practice.

A few weekends ago I was very busy with lots of wellness activities. One activity I attended was the [Silent] Soul & Spirits Yoga with Reebok. The event was sponsored by Grip the Mat and it was very different. The yoga class was conducted in the evening, outside in front of Carnegie Libary on one of the busiest weekends in Washington, DC. Seriously, the President was across the street at a gala so helicopters were flying overhead. What made the class even more interesting is we wore headphones to hear the live DJ and the yoga teacher’s voice. It was a sensory experience.

I really loved the class. The teachers were great, but the experience of wearing the headphones made the yoga class even more fun and it felt like I was having my own private yoga class. Now, all I want are wireless Beats headphones. (Husband, if you are reading this I will take a pair in black or hot pink).

After the event, there were cocktails sponsored by Skinny Girl, small bites by Cava Grill, and Kind Bar snacks. Grip the Mat will have more events and I can’t wait to be a part of them. Yoga for the win.






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